perfect is a lie.

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Never scroll past a twerking soldier. Thank you for serving our country with your brave booty.

Officer Booty reporting for duty. 

Call of Booty

Call of Booty: Back Dat Ass Ops.

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this moment is the exact definition of perfection; i don’t know anything more intense and beautiful than two people, madly wanting each other but still restraining themselves because the tension is too flawless to be broken.

thiss^^^^^ omg best feeling in the world.


Too much sexy for one picture


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my dream

"Its funny your muscles have a certain memory about them thats why we can tie our shoes or type without looking but when you spend long enough time with each other your bodies memorize each other..the warmth of your back, the pace of your heartbeat, the ticklish feeling of your eyelashes, and the way your fingers curl in sequence when I play with your palm."